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Focus: Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin The New Gold?
An introduction for Libertarians, »Austrians« and other skeptics by Erik Voorhees

The Market Beats Monopoly Money
Thorsten Polleit on the privatisation of money

Cheese Knives And Enlightenment
Joerg Platzer on Bitcoin’s advantages

The Bitcoin Kiez
Walking the Bitcoin mile in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Satoshi’s Stroke of Genius
Mike Hearn on the beginnings and the future of Bitcoin

»Only a Stable Currency Is a Good Currency«
Interview with Bitcoins main developer Gavin Andresen

»And Zen Ve Vill Rule Ze Vorld!«
Aaron Koenig on an animated film about Bitcoin

BitPop from Austria
Interview with Max Min (»Alpaca Socks«)

Our Monetary System And The »One Percent«
Dominic Frisby on the social effects of fiat money

Deflation – So What?
Rick Falkvinge sees no problem in falling prices

La Revolución Bitcoinista
Oscar Fonseca Gómes knows how to beat monetary tyranny

Free as a Flock of Birds
Juraj Bednar on the advantages of free markets

No Compromise!
Three hypothese on Bitcoin’s long-term success- by Frank Braun



Love, Gold and Cryptocode
by David Nakamoto



Anarchy in the I2P
An introduction to crypto-anarchy by Jonathan Logan



Don’t Mention the Mask!
Two privacy activists on their camouflage technique

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